January 21, 2016 - Dublin's BOS Management Strengthens Fulfillment Offering

BOS Management Ltd LogoVeraCore Software Solutions, Inc. announced today that BOS Management, Ltd.  (BOS) of Dublin, Ireland is implementing The VeraCore Fulfillment Solution. The comprehensive platform, which includes both an Order Management System and a Warehouse Management System, will enable BOS to manage all aspects of its growing order fulfillment operation. 

Established in 2004, BOS, serves a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, service industries, sporting organizations and manufacturing. BOS is short for Business Outsourced Services, which is a fitting description for the full service organization.  BOS’s wide range of services includes warehousing, kitting, data processing, mailing services, marketing logistics, web shop services as well as B2B and B2C order fulfillment.

Order fulfillment has been a primary component of the BOS service offering since the firm’s inception. However, in recent years the order volumes and the level of complexity associated with their clients’ projects has grown dramatically. Clients now turn to BOS to actively manage their marketing supply chains. In order to meet the new challenges presented by their clients, BOS’s management set about researching technology that would enable them to:

  • Provide an ordering platform that could be tailored to each clients’ business requirements
  • Integrate their processes with the various technologies used by their clients
  • Leverage barcode technology to improve accuracy and operational efficiency

VeraCore’s Order Management System will enable BOS to provide B2B and B2C storefronts customized to reflect each client’s brand and enforce their unique business rules. In addition, VeraCore’s integration options, which include API connections to leading e-commerce platforms, an order import mapping tool and a robust web service, will make it easier than ever for BOS to accept orders from clients that already have an ordering platform in place.

BOS does a substantial amount of business with the pharmaceutical industry, distributing both marketing materials and actual products samples to hospitals and medical practitioners. Because BOS manages product samples, it was critical that any new software system support lot tracking. VeraCore will enable BOS to manage products with multiple lots and varying expiration dates. BOS will also be able to define pick sequence priorities, ensuring that warehouse personnel always pick from the correct lot when filling orders or building kits.

David McEnroe, President of BOS, explains their decision to implement VeraCore. “After reviewing our requirements with VeraCore it was very clear that they really understood our business.  VeraCore is going to make it much easier to meet our clients’ increasingly complex requirements, while also keeping their costs low through increased efficiency and process automation”.

BOS will leverage the VeraCore Warehouse Management System’s rules-based processing to achieve greater control over all their warehouse activities from receiving, to kitting, to pick and pack. Additionally, The VeraCore Warehouse Management System’s support for barcode technology will enable BOS to maintain the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency.

Denise Lunden, president of VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc., commented on the BOS implementation, currently underway, “We are all very excited to be working with BOS. I am confident that VeraCore will help BOS to provide significant value to their clients”.

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