January 16, 2017 - Mobile Dashboard App Available Now!

The Mobile Dashboard App is now available in Beta!

VeraCore Mobile Dashboard App Artwork

VeraCore 6.1 includes a powerful new mobile app for iOS and Android that provides fulfillment operations stakeholders with real-time information on warehouse activity.

With the Mobile Dashboard, users can track KPIs and charts that provide high level insights. Users can also interact with those high-level displays and drill in to see more detailed data. The app covers three main areas:

Access up-to-the-minute data on your production workload in the warehouse.

  • New and prior order volume
  • The percentage of orders shipped
  • A breakdown of orders by status (Unprocessed, Processed, Packed, Shipped)
  • Drill-in to see orders by customer or "Need By" date

Track your freight activity from one convenient place.

  • Weekly shipping volumes
  • Weekly freight by carrier (published or negotiated)
  • Freight for your top 5 customers

Monitor your incoming inventory right from your phone.

  • Weekly receiving volumes compared to expected arrivals (ASNs)
  • Today's receipts by customer
  • Today's receiving activity by warehouse team member

Additional information on Version 6.1 is available in the Product Roadmap section of the VeraCore Knowledge Base.


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