October 15, 2015 - VeraCore Version 5.8C1 Available Now!

VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc. announced today the availability of a new version of its powerful order fulfillment and warehouse management software, The VeraCore Fulfillment Solution. The upgrade contains many new capabilities that will enable service providers to improve operational efficiency and pursue new fulfillment opportunities.

Among the most notable enhancements is a completely redesigned  Store Profile System that simplifies the often complex process of planning and executing retail Point-of-Purchase campaigns. With the Store Profile System, service providers can define the attributes that comprise each store's unique profile and use the attributes  to build P.O.P. campaigns, assess production requirements and manage distribution, ensuring that each store receives the right materials, at the right time.

Enabling service providers to improve process efficiency continues to be a central focus of VeraCore. Companies servicing high-volume accounts (e.g. thousands of orders per day) can achieve enormous productivity gains by leveraging new tools that optimize order throughput by automatically ganging like orders for picking. In addition, the new version of VeraCore features a streamlined receiving process and a new picking option in which pickers are directed via wireless devices though a single pass, walk-sequence route to pick and confirm orders via barcode scans– instilling greater accuracy and efficiency into the order fulfillment process.

“This release was developed with direct input from our customers and the clients they serve, with invaluable feedback provided by the many users active in our beta program” explains VeraCore’s President, Denise Lunden. “The result is a new production release that will provide VeraCore customers with a definitive edge in the highly competitive fulfillment services marketplace”.  

Other highlights of the VeraCore upgrade include integrations with several leading ecommerce platforms, USPS Address validation, and  support for multiple time zones, enabling companies with multiple distribution centers to allow users across the enterprise to generate reports and inquiries in their local time. 

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